Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back With More! Big Pile of Etude House, Holika Holika

Hihi! Back after not updating in FOREVER. Sorry, I've just been so lazy X_X. Most of the things I've listed as selling in my Blog (find reviews of them here too, link on side) but I've yet to get around to posting them here.


New stuff for you!

Etude House Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream : #3

You can see its effect on me above^^. $13 SHIPPED.

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar: #1 Cherry

Color is slightly darker irl and buildable. Makes for a nice subtle pop of color. Nice cherry fragrance. $4 SHIPPED

Etude House Miss Tangerine LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge: No.12

Very good at covering lip color due to its opacity. Product is advertised to be the same color on your lip as in the tube- you can see that it is in my picture. Love the formula of this line, creamy. Only parting with this because it is too similar to another color I have and it takes me forever to get through a tube of lipstick. $9 SHIPPED

Etude House VIP Girl Dear Darling Lips: PK007 & OR205

Etude House VIP lipsticks have a very creamy formula. Lovely colors. Pk007 is highly raved about. I'm only parting with these because for some reason these colors don't work for me- makes something look off for my face. OR205 is from the Miss Tangerine line and contains a slight tangerine fragrance. $7 SHIPPED

Etude House Moon Crystal Power Gloss: No. 04

Very beautiful color, applicator is an actual brush with bristles. Covers lip color pretty well. Perfect for a party. $7 SHIPPED

Etude House Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss: No. 04 Guava

Applicator rolls from side to side. $6 SHIPPED

Tony Moly Tony Tint Mini: #1 Cherry

Beautiful red. I heard this was used for someone in a drama- everyone was going crazy about it or something. This bottle is about the size of a quarter in diameter but the product will last quite a few uses. I have extra so this is NEW $4 SHIPPED

Tony Moly Wrinkle Smoothing Egg

This is for the egg ONLY. I accidentally bought two. Although I haven't put an official review up yet, I have used the other one a bit (the one for sale is NEW). The product is kind of like those silicone pore fillers. It has a slight lemony scent. I did notice that my BB cream/ foundation powder went on smoother over this product. Haven't felt like my pores were getting clogged or anything.

The cool thing about this is that once you're done, you can knock out the top piece and grow a plant through it. I kid you not, that's what it's designed for. $10 SHIPPED

Sunday, February 20, 2011

For Sale!: Zoya Happi and Shivan Nail Polishes

SOLD! Because I don't think I'll be using them that much =/. Only swatched once. $4 shipped each for the US.

Shivan on the left, Happi on the right.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Preorder for Yesstyle!

Deadline: 2/26/2011 midnight EST
From: United States
Goal: $22/$150
Payment type: Paypal only (I'll be paying them from my paypal account in turn)

EMAIL ME if interested:
If you comment I might not know for a very long time.

I've decided to order from and was wondering if anyone wanted to join me. They have a shipping fee of $9.99 unless you order $150 so I was trying to reduce some of that ^^;;. Of course this means that if you plan on ordering heavier items or more than that, you may be better off ordering yourself since the shipping from me to you may just end up costing more.

This preorder is more for those people who maybe just want to buy a shirt or a couple pieces of jewelry.
NO SERVICE FEE- because this is doing me a personal favor =). But you will have to pay for the shipping from me to you.

IF THE $150 GOAL ISN'T REACHED: the $9.99 delivery fee from them to me will be split among all participants. Of course I think it makes more sense for those with heavier things to pay more in that case.

The time for this preorder to close and payment is 1 WEEK from today. I was planning to make it a month, but who wants to wait that long? And I didn't want the items to go out of stock =/. (I really really want my item)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For Sale: Missha BB Cream Samples- No. 21

An old friend of mine has finally ventured into the world of BB cream and decided to try Missha's #21. She loves it and bought the full sized, but she still has some sample packets left over (she bought a handful on ebay). And since she has the big bottle now she won't be needing these sample packets, so if you think this might be something you might like to try email me! . I might redirect you to her depending on how she wants to do it. 

The BB Cream samples are $1.50 SHIPPED! She's not making any profit off of this, it's the price of the sample and of the stamp and a couple cents for the envelope.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

For Sale: Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm - Gothic and Twilight

Hello, long time no post.

I have for sale two Revlon Lipstains from the Just Bitten collection for sale at $6 a piece. Don't have the pictures to post here, but take a look at my review w/ pics here . Twilight was used only for the swatches you see there and the balm is NEW. Gothic is used for the swatches there and the balm is used. Please give these a home, I also really love Gothic's color, but it seems I'm allergic to something in these T_T.

Email instead of commenting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Etude House Pre-Order/ Spree

*Edit* Sorry! Not offering this right now!

Hi readers, I wanted to order some things from and thought that while I was at it I might as well as set up a preorder as well for anyone else who is interested. The site has flat rate shipping of $6 but for those of us who just want to buy one or two items I thought this might be a better idea since we can pay a lesser amount for shipping. If we can get at least 6 people into the order then that will only be $1 shipping from the company to me (If we get 12 people then $.50 and so on). As long as you don't need too many heavy things, even with the shipping from me to you, you would still be paying less. If you're thinking of a big order or need your items fast then it might be cheaper/ better for you to just order yourself directly =D.

I have to make this a preorder instead of a survey because I have no money, lol. If you've been following my GMarket Update post then you know that I've quite a haul going from there, but there are issues with getting it actually shipped to me -___-. Meanwhile I thought I'd try ordering a couple items locally. I'm pretty confident that ordering from the US site won't be a problem from past users who have had experience with this site. Also we won't have to deal with customs and etc.

Because I benefit too from lesser shipping from Etude House already, I'm not charging any service fee or whatever, just the amount that it will cost to ship to you, which I estimate to be $2-3 depending on what you order (how much it weighs).

To see my seller buyer feedback, you can look up "kiwichibi" on Soompi (~10+ seller) or ebay. I'm not trying to scam anyone, but if you don't feel confident then please don't order.

I plan to have this go for 1 month or so depending on how fast/ how many people want to order (so pull all your friends in too!!- you can say for instance that you're ordering for 3 people and I'll give you 3 ppl's worth of shipping so you can divide it among yourselves. Or you can just do it for one person and have it cheaper overall, but we'll have to wait for more people). Goal is at least 6 people in the order, or if we can, make it to 12.

I'm NOT going to charge you money up front, what will happen is:

1. You email me at with what you want to order and I'll give you shipping estimate.

2.when we've collected enough people, I'll email everyone to make sure that you still want the orders. I will confirm payments and addresses. Unfortunately I will have to charge a paypal fee since I'm not making any money out of this. You can however send well concealed cash if you choose at your own risk. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU GIVE ME AN EMAIL ADDRESS WHERE I CAN EASILY REACH YOU. If I can't contact you within a week or after everyone else has paid, I will assume you no longer want to order.

3. When all the payments are in, I will order. According to another customer it takes about 1 week to arrive. Then within the next week I will mail everything out to everyone and you will receive the item in about a week.

All in all I estimate ~1.5- 2 months for the whole process depending on how many people we can get/ how fast. So pass the word along >.<. Get a bunch of your school friends who may be just want to try the brand out.

Be sure to read my Terms of Sale post first though (not responsible for PO damage, etc)

Stuff I'm considering getting: Just to give you some ideas

Peach water gloss
O2 oxygen mask
Stamp Blush
maybe one of the AC clinic acne products: i've seen some pictures and it seems like it works some.

Email me at if you have any questions!

Monday, February 15, 2010

For Sale: Coastal Scents


As stated in my blog I'm selling these extra brushes and African Black Soap Samples. Read my blog for my review of them.

The brushes being sold are the 2nd (lip brush) and 3rd (smudger/ detail brush)  from the left.
1 for $2, both for $3

African Black Soap Sample: 2 oz for $2

Email to order ^^. Please read my terms and conditions post first though.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Sale: Orly Catch the Bouquet

Finally! I'm finally posting something for sale. I know in my beginning posts I built up your expectations by saying all these things that I'm selling. Well I've been really busy so I decided to just start with random things that I have around and probably won't be using anytime soon.

If you've read my blog (link on side + swatch there too) then you'll know that this wasn't quite the shade I was expecting. I wanted a soft light baby pink, but this turns out to be more of a sheer sharper pink with pink interference. Since I see no future with this, I decided to put it up for adoption by a more loving person.

Price: $4.50 shipped

Email to if interested.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Terms of Sale

You MUST read this before ordering. I am not responsible for your failure to do so.

Everything will be relatively cheap since I personally like good deals myself.

  • If I can't respond to you within a couple days, please don't get upset. My laptop was stolen so I don't have easy access to the internet anymore. It's also one of the reasons why I'm selling stuff- to help pay for stolen things.


  • Paypal (Please specify in the order form if it is Credit Card Paypal!!) and well concealed cash (at your own risk!) for now. You can send an echeck through Paypal if you like, but I'll wait until payment clears.
  • I prefer Paypal so that there is no dispute as to whether or not payment was received.


  • Will cost about $2 for the small items. If you order a lot of items, or heavier things then I might need to add a dollar or two depending. It also depends on how much packaging I need to use.
  • You can ask to ship via normal envelope for flat things like BB cream samples for $0.50. Please remember that I have to pay for the envelope too!
  • Everything will ship with delivery confirmation so that there are no complications. Exceptions would be if you just ordered BB cream samples or something flat like that and are willing to risk lost mail.
  • I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged mail.
  • For other options, like priority mail etc., please include in the order form under "shipping"
  • Currently I'm only selling within the US =(


Send me email using order form below > I return email to confirm with amount/ where to send payment > Send me payment > I send item > End of Transaction.


Payment method (Paypal, Credit card Paypal, Concealed Cash):
Shipping Option & Amount:

Thank you, and I hope to do business with you soon!!

About the Seller

No one likes to buy things from random people who they don't know. You could get scammed or something. I can't erase your fear, but I can ease it. Here's some basic information about me to help put you at ease.

  • College student selling from NJ.
  • Flat broke
  • No pets/ non smoker
  • Lover of cute things, manga, anime, etc etc.
  • Favorite band is LM.C
  • I like cheap things

I can't think of anything else to add right now. If there's something else you come up with or I think of something then I'll edit this.